2023 React Frameworks

My switch to Vercel

I have recently made the switch from Netlify to Vercel to deploy my projects, as I’m a big fan of Next.js which is created and maintained by Vercel.

I'm a big fan of vercel analytics, I have been running it on my own website for a couple of weeks now and it works amazing and provides usable insights and performance scores.

Other then that the deployment process on vercel feels so much smoother and the ui feels a lot better. I’m a fan!


As you have probably seen Netlify recently announced to have acquired Gatsby. It seems to be just another acquisition of an open-source framework by a company. Recently Remix also announced to be acquired by Shopify.

It seems like every big react framework now has the backing of a company:

  • Vercel -> Next.js
  • Netlify -> Gatsby
  • Shopify -> Remix

I think this seems good, they are open source and there now is funding and competition. maybe you can say or worry that these companies will push these frameworks in undesirable directions but well see what the future of these frameworks bring


Idee? Laten we het bouwen!